About Ernskates Skating Academy

Founded in 2010 (previously known as SS16), Ernskates seeks to provide safe, fun and professional lessons for you to pick up inline skating! Whether you are a young kid or a parent, beginner or advanced skater, we’ll have the ideal coach and program for you!

Skating is our passion and it is our goal to spread the wheels around the world. With coaches of strong skating and coaching background (many with competitive experience), we are sure that learning will be fun, safe and enjoyable while exploring your best potential!

Our Skate Training Beliefs & Values

  1. Safety is Top Priority
  2. Kids are Friends Too!
  3. Fun is the best way to Learn!
  4. Maximizing your Potential
  5. Laying a Solid Foundation
  6. No one is too Young or too Old!

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Founder & Head Coach - Ernest Wong Jia Wei

Ernest Wong is the Founder and Head Coach at Ernskates. With more than 10 years of skating experience, Ernest has represented Singapore in multiple international skating competitions, bringing home various championships.

Since 2010, Ernest retired from competitive skating and has been serving as judge for local and international skating competitions. His creations, the Ern Sui-Slide & Ern V-Toe are globally recognised as one of the most challenging moves in the World Skating Technical Charts.

As a coach, Ernest believes deeply in building a strong foundation, safety and incorporating fun in teaching.

Competitive Skating Achievements:
2010 – Chun Cheon Leisure Game Freestyle Slide – Champion
2009 – World Freestyle Skating Championships Freestyle Slide – 3rd placing
2008 – WSSA Slalom Championships Freestyle Slide – 2nd placing
2008 – Beijing Slalom Open Freestyle Slide – 3rd placing
2008 – SG National Freestyle Championships Freestyle Slide – Champion
2007 – SG National Freestyle Championships Freestyle Slide – Champion

Our Dedicated Coaches

Daphne Chua

Senior coach with more than 5 years of competitive skating.

1. Freestyle© Skates Ambassador
2. 2007 Singapore National Freestyle Championship 3rd
3. 2008 Samsung Slalom Challenge 2nd

Rohi Goh

Senior coach with more than 7 years of competitive skating.

1. 2010 World Freestyle Slalom Championship Champion
2. 2009 Singapore National Freestyle Championship 2nd
3. 2008 World Freestyle Slalom Championship 3rd

Terence Cheung

Senior coach and certified international judge with more than 9 years of competitive skating and judging experience.

1. 2013 Asean Speed Slalom Mens Champion
2. 2009 Paris Slalom World Championship Battle 3rd
3. 2008 Beijing Slalom Open Pair Slalom 2nd

Vay Ang

Coach with more than 2 years of competitive skating.

1. Committee Member of Ngee Ann Skate Club