Increased Agility & Body Control

Due to a largely free range of motion, skating provides stronger aerobic benefits as compared to sports with limited range of motion such as running or biking. Inline skating trains your flexibility, coordination and strength of almost every body part including the core, legs and back.

Inline skating can help you gain better agility and control of your body!

Better Confidence & Mental Health

Inline skating is fun and provides opportunities for socialising and making friends!

Join us for our leisure skates to relieve stress, or participate in competitive skating to help develop your mind and attitude towards life!

Fitness & Healthier Lifestyle

Inline skating is a great option to stay lean and build body strength while having fun! You’ll be surprised that you burn almost as many calories skating (210 calories per 30 mins) versus running (240 calories per 30 mins)!

Skate your way to better cardiovascular health and body composition while having great fun!

Fun, Leisure and Bonding!

Looking for family or leisure activities? Skating makes a great activity for anyone of any age!

Keep your eyes off the screens and enjoy a weekend of fun and bonding over a leisure skate with your family or friends!